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Unique Manufacturing of Oak Frames

To enable us to produce the lowest cost oak picture frames in the industry,  we have acquired, over the last 30 years, sources of Oak ripping, which were too narrow to make the original product.  This low cost oak is produced into our moulding profiles and manufactured into our beautiful picture frames.

We're Different

Howell is the only major producer to finish their frames after they are joined.

Precisely mitered on any of our 30 double-miter saws and then back joined with V-nails (no side joining) on 15 computer activated joiners.





Beautifully joined raw Oak frames are then finished in an automatic spray operation which travels through 3 booths containing 2 spray heads which reciprocate back and forth under electric eye control.  Along our 100-foot conveyor system the frames are stained on a filament surface then the fronts are richly applied with semi-gloss lacquer.  



Then under our drying oven and on to glass and back assembly or packaging of open frames.  




Glass and back frames are produced on two fully automated staple machines which insert black tabs at the rate of twenty-five per minute.